Policies & Expectations

Policies & Expectations

BMC Policies & Student Expectations

Curriculum and Mastery Learning

Each student will have a strong academic program of mathematics, science, language arts and world studies. Students can develop critical technology skills by taking classes offered in our computer labs. Qualifying students can also take courses offered by Greenville Technical College for dual credit.

Students are required to maintain an 80% in each class to receive credit.

Academic Assistance (AA) is available to all students. Students struggling to maintain an 80% or that have missed the mark on a major assignment are expected to attend AA. Students that attend these tutoring sessions have an opportunity to improve their grade with retesting.

Dress Code
BMC requires students to wear solid black polo shirts with khaki pants, shorts or skirts while on campus. Students must also wear their photo ID. Please see the student handbook for detailed information.
Daily attendance and class participation are a critical component of the learning process. Evidence has shown that regular school attendance has a positive effect on success after high school. In addition to classes in core subjects and electives, students are required to attend Enrichment on Fridays. Students must also attend all state and school mandated testing.

Tardiness disrupts the learning process and interferes with the opportunity for students to learn. Students are expected to arrive on time according to the bell schedule and their classes.

Service Hours

Students must complete 50 hours of service each year. At least ten hours must be in service to the school, but not more than 20 hours. We are proud of our students for their valuable contributions to BMC and the community.

   Service hours worksheet

   Service opportunities

Cheating is not tolerated in any form and will result in consequences. We expect Brashier Middle College students to exhibit integrity and dedication to their educational success.
Bullying and Harassment

BMC expects a high standard of conduct from its students, faculty and school visitors. We are committed to providing a safe learning environment. Bullying, harassment and poor conduct are not tolerated at Brashier Middle College.

Please consult the student handbook for a complete list of policies and expectations.